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Palatkin Ivan Viktorovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of sub-department of applied economics, Penza State Technological University (1a/11 Baidukova lane / Gagarina street, Penza, Russia); corresponding member of the International Academy of Science and Industrial Engineering Practice,
Chekh Kirill Yur'evich, Postgraduate student, Penza State Technological University (1a/11 Baidukova lane / Gagarina street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The article determines the practical value of applying Pearson correlation coefficients to series of indicators of the National investment climate condition indicators in regions of Russia and statistical indicators of socioeconomic development. The article is devoted to the problem of estimating the interrelation between a region’s position in the investment appeal rating and the value of socioeconomic development. This makes it topical to reveal possibilities and constraints of applying various approaches to evaluation of regional governments’ performanceby different state departments.
Materials and methods. The sources of information were the National rating of Russian regions’ investment climate condition and statistical indicators of socioeconomic development. These indicators were tested for interdependce with Pearson correlation coefficient usage.
Results and conclusions. The obtained results are indicative of a very weak and weak correlation between a region’s position on the National rating and a level of region’s socioeconomic development according to the Russian Statistical Agency. The research has determined the causes that decrease credibility of the obtained results. Termination of the said causes will not only increase the accuracy, but to solve the problem of correlation betveen ratings and statistical indicators. The results of the analysis show that the methodology of the National rating impedes objective evaluation of the efforts by the executive authority of the regional level focused on regional development. In other words, fulfillment of the National business initiative aimed at regional investment climate improvements is not reflected in high socioeconomic indicators. It is offered to stimulate development of large and medium regional enterprises.

Key words

National rating, correlation, socioeconomic development, National business initiative, efficiency estimation

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